Frequently Asked Questions

What is Med Control?

Med Control is a privately owned, independent medical examination scheduling company located on Long Island, New York.

We have been operating under the same ownership since 1992, and service some of the biggest insurers in the country.

We are extremely proud of our unblemished track record and excellent reputation. We have numerous satisfied clients, and most of our business comes from referrals.


Why schedule your IME with us?

In one word: Experience. Med Control has been in business for 26 years. We have grown and evolved alongside our clients since 1992, adapting to the changing industry needs. We understand the dynamics and psychology of the parties involved in a claim, and gladly lend our expertise as an extension of your claims department.

Scheduling an IME with us is easy – we will guide you through the process based on your objectives.


How do I request an Independent Medical Exam?

You can request an IME by phone, fax, mail, email, or on our website

The quickest way to submit your request is by using our secure, online form, found on our website. Online submissions are received instantly, and we respond within 24 hours with an appointment date for your claimant. If you are mailing or faxing your requests, feel free to use your own forms or download one of ours. Pre-printed forms may also be sent directly to your office upon request.


Who writes Med Control’s IME reports?

Your IME report influences decisions worth tens of thousands of dollars. An IME is an important claims management tool designed as a safeguard against fraudulent suits or claims without merit. The quality of your report is paramount. It is therefore extremely important that the specialists who write these reports are of the highest caliber.

Over the years we have built a network of truly qualified professionals, who are reliable, honest, and produce comprehensive and effective reports. All the physicians on our panel are available to do depositions and testify in court. We do not have any doctors on our payroll, nor do we have exclusivity with any doctor. Our entire panel is credentialized and screened regularly by our staff.


How do you screen your doctors?

Each state is unique and requires a different vetting process. In New York, for example, a doctor must be licensed and certified with the Workers Compensation Board. Our staff makes sure that every doctor on our panel is adhering to state laws, but we go above and beyond that. We make sure these doctors also meet our standards. We regularly analyze and review our database of thousands of specialists and make necessary adjustments. 26 years of this process has resulted in a reliable database of capable specialists available across all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico.


How can I be sure my IME report is going to be professional and thorough?

At Med Control we schedule exams with doctors who have experience testifying in court. Their reports lead to fast and fair claims resolutions, as they are true experts.

Once we establish the examination’s objective, we work diligently to schedule it as soon as possible.

Your report is never edited or transcribed by us – our trained staff will work with the doctor’s office to guarantee its completeness and accuracy. We then perform a quality control review that takes into account all State laws before the IME is sent to you.

Our reports are honest and professional. We use knowledgeable physicians, supported by our experienced team, well versed in the medical and insurance claims field.


Are doctors available to testify in court?

Yes, all doctors on our panel are available to do depositions and to testify in court. This is a pre-requisite for being included on our panel.


Can I request my own physician for an IME through Med Control?

Absolutely. You can request your own physicians or use one of ours to perform the IME. More often than not, your doctor is already on our panel.


How soon is an IME scheduled after I make a request?

Submissions by phone, fax, email and the web are scheduled within 24 hours of receipt. We start the scheduling process right away.

Individual state and local laws have to be taken into account when scheduling appointments. If a claimant relocates to another state, we make sure to adhere to the respective laws of that state. Under normal circumstances, claimants are scheduled about 2 weeks from the date of your request. Being an extension of your claims department, we maintain flexibility and can rush reports upon request.


How long do I have to wait for an IME report?

Upon receipt, the IME is reviewed for accuracy and completeness by one of our trained medical and claims professionals. Once the report is approved by our staff, a copy is sent to all parties that same day. If we find that the report is missing information or is incomplete, we rush an addendum request to the doctor.


What can I expect from my IME report?

You can expect your IME report to be professional, thorough, timely, signed and dated on the IME doctor’s letterhead. All issues and questions on form IME-5 will be addressed and expanded upon with clear directive.